ABS + Polycarbonate

PC + ABS plastics offer improved strengths over ABS at a lower cost than Polycarbonate. Exceptional low temperature Impact Strength. The material can be modified by the addition of glass fiber, mineral fillers and flame retardant.

Applications: Automotive exterior and interior components, medical hardware, electrical housings, computers, monitors, business equipment housings and enclosures

Tensile Strength Flexural Modulus Impact Strength Max Temp. Chemical Resistance
6400-9150 psi 300,000-400,000 psi 8-12 ft-lb/in notched izod 140°-210° F Poor to Fair


  • Good impact resistance with toughness and rigidity
  • Metal coatings have excellent adhesion to ABS
  • Very good indoor UV light colour stability
  • Excellent processability and appearance


  • Poor solvent resistance
  • Low dielectric strength (not a good insulator)
  • Low continuous service temp. (melts easily)

Brand Names: Cycolac, Lustran, Hival.