Rapid Prototyping Parts

Our custom prototyping capabilities include SLA, SLS, FDM and Cast Urethane, each offering different qualities and abilities that help you to quickly build, test and acquire better end-products. Using an approach to manufacturing exclusive to Techni-Mold, we provide you the tools and services needed for successful product development.

We can produce your prototype parts quickly and help you to get your products to market faster than your competition. Testing and analysis enables you to fine tune your design, materials, strength and manufacturability that will ultimately save you from costly delays and unforeseen design changes before you move to production tooling.

There are several different prototyping technologies that you may take advantage of each with its own strengths. If you have any questions concerning what process is best for your individual project, give us a call and one of our experienced sales engineers will answer any questions you may have.

The process begins with your 3D files, from there we can provide you an accurate pricing quote depending on the prototyping technology you wish to utilize.

There are numerous different prototyping processes and determining which process is right for your application will help you to move forward quickly and get the parts you need fast and at Techni-Mold you recieve only the best possible price.

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